We have tried to answer the most common questions you may have about using MySamples.com.au, however if you have a question which we have not covered here, please contact us directly and we will do all we can to help.

Do I need to be a registered Healthcare Professional to request medical samples from MySamples.com.au?

Yes, it is a requirement that you must be a Healthcare Professional in order to request samples of a medical nature. All submissions are vetted to ensure medical samples are only provided to those in the Healthcare industry.

When submitting a medical samples request, are my details secure and safe?

Yes, any and all submissions are protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection.

What can I request samples of?

You can request samples of any product listed on the site. These samples range from S4 medicines to over the counter products, all of which are beneficial to your patients. We cannot supply restricted S8 products.

How many samples can I request?

Simply request the amount you need. It’s easy to come back and order more, as you require them. The Medicines Australia code states that you can request as many samples as you feel that you need. However, fulfilling multiple product requests is at the discretion of the providing manufacturer.

How often can I request samples?

As a Healthcare Professional, you can request product samples at your discretion.

What if the product I need samples of is not listed?

Just let us know and we will do our best to assist. It may be listed in the future, or we can connect you with the company that manufacturers the product.

How do I receive the samples?

The samples will be sent to you by courier. An authorised person must sign for receipt of the packs.

What happens with my details?

To remain compliant with the Medicines Australia code, we have to record the details of who has requested samples. We will not provide your details to any party, outside of MySamples and the companies that provide the sample products, without your express consent.